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Forhan's Sensitive Toothpaste

With over 60-years of Toothpaste making experience, now Forhan’s Sensitive Deep Relief Toothpaste has been launched. This is yet another outstanding product in the Oral Care segment.

Immediate relief from tooth sensitivity is always of absolute importance for a patient, suffering from it.

Tooth sensitivity, or "dental hypersensitivity" is one of the most common dental complaints, where hot or cold drinks, sweets and acidic foods give sudden wave of pain. Forhan’s Sensitive Deep Relief Toothpaste is specially designed to block the exposed areas of the teeth, which are the source of sensitivity.

Instant Relief is provided by Forhan’s Sensitive Deep Relief Toothpaste – Thanks to the advance Formula, it has TWO and not just one Active ingredient to provide relief for the sensitive teeth. This is a Pain - Relief and Enamel Repair formulation, for lasting good effects. By sealing the dentine tubules, it protects the troubling drinks or food from reaching the sensitive nerves, that trigger pain wave.

It protects the teeth from carries and has excellent Oral Cleaning and whitening properties.

A safe toothpaste, for daily use by the family members, over 12 years of age.

This provides:

~ Sensitivity Relief
~ Enamel Repair
~ Excellent Oral Cleaning
~ Outstanding Gum Cure n Gum Care
~ Excellent Whitening Properties

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