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Forhan’s Formenz Fairness Cream

A man’s skin structure is very different from a woman’s skin. Its exposure to the sun’s UV rays, pollution and harshness of a shaving blade are contast features of an average day. FORMENZ fairness cream is made just for that though male skin.

1. Fairness Cream: Use twice a day and feel difference in four weeks.
2. With Sun Guard: Protections against harmful effects of sunrays is provided by SPF 15.
3. After Shave Cream: For that smooth feeling after every shave.
4. Anti-Bacteria: It’s Anti-Bacteria agents provide protection against infections and cuts.
5. Cooling and Refreshing: Provide relief during hot summers.
6. Relieves Stress: Provides relief from and fatigue and the skin feels refreshed.
7. Fresh and Exciting Fragrance: It has a unique masculine fragrance that makes you feel good and fresh.

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